@ “Ramen san” art in school project at Honcho school, Sapporo, Japan, photo by Mr.Komaki

Nguyen Ngoc Tu Dung (1994) Ho Chi Minh

Nguyen Ngoc Tu Dung (1994) based in Sai Gon and Chiang Mai. To be born during Lunar New Year, Dung’s life has started at an in-between and changing moment that somehow “bothers” her throughout her growing years. Those thin lines in between such as right/wrong, life/death, do/hesitant, or even simple things like this moment to next moment, always excite her. By constantly appearing in her life, In-Between naturally becomes her curiosity and working content, unintended. Dung practices focused in visual in her first years of get-to-know-art. Recently, Dung is trying to expand and experiment her works toward different material and mediums.

Some of Dung’s highlight activities are: residency program: s(k)now Winter, Snow, and the Subarctic, Tenjinyama art studio, Sapporo, Japan (2020), “Amnesia Mole” , Wonder Fruit 2019, Pattaya, Thailand, short film: “When The Moon Whispers to Mosquitoes” 12:12mins. “Pimple Door” - iSEE “You can talk to me” Exhibition (2019),  etc.