/ pimple door

Pimple Door” 2019

Mixed media sculpture, art installation. 

size 212 x 81 x 17 (cm),

3 Led monitors, the door, 3 media players, 1 speaker.

Walk into Karaoke halls always feel mysterious. With sounds and visuals are stopped by walls, we can’t discover what’s happening inside unless we open the door and walk in. A lot of questions and imaginations may pop up. What is hidden inside each room? Which song they are singing? Are they sad, or happy?

Door - the thing that every house and building has, variety of forms and materials but for the same use. It’s a symbol of privacy and safety (but also insecurity). 

Combine two subjects above, the door with holes that lets lighting rays come out from monitors are screening Karaoke videos trying offer the thinking: we are always an outsider to any one else’s story. What we are seeing, thinking or assuming may not the whole story, there’s a lot more behind.